First Presbyterian Church of Bridesburg in Philadelphia, PA
First Presbyterian Church of Bridesburg in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Monthly Message from Pastor Scott

What's it All About?
Thoughts from Pastor Scott...

Why go to church? That's the question a lot of people ask in our society today if you mention that you are a church goer. You can be a Christian and not go to church, right? You can believe that there is a God and not go to church, right? So why go?

There's a huge segment of our society that wonders why you would even bother to go to church when there is nothing that is relevant to their lives. Many people today grew up in the church and have a history with the church but it is not a favorable history. What people remember are the fights with their parents to get up and go to church and the chaos of Sunday mornings. They remember the boring services and being told to "be quiet". They remember the "rules" of church and were taught that the rules defined what it meant to be a Christian. Sad, but it is true.

So how do we change our image and, even more so, society's perception of what church is all about? How do we become the true church in a society of indifference? First, I believe we need to recapture the heart of the true church. We need to recapture the joy of worship and the true focus of worship which is God is the audience and we are the participants. Most people feel that the worship service should be for them. Well it is for us in the sense that we engage in the praising of God together and that the preaching of the Word is meant to refresh us and challenge us. But, the reality is that worship is about the opportunity to give God the glory for all He is and does for us. We receive a huge blessing, but God is the focus. If we could recapture that attitude and share it with our community maybe people would begin to see the relevance of the church again.

Secondly, we must become relevant to our community. The Gospel is the Word of God and is relevant to all people of all ages. Our worship and the sharing of the Word must have application to people's lives. We must seek to reach out and share that the church people remember is not the real church rather it is a caricature of what the church truly is. We must share the Word and the Christian faith as a powerfully relevant truth. The hope that people are looking for is found only in the love of Jesus and should be shared with passion and joy.

Jesus calls us to seek those that are lost, hurting or in need. We must and can be that relevant agent of God's love and grace. We can share with our community the truth that God is relevant to their lives and we can help them bring His Word to them. Society needs a relevant church. Just some thoughts...

Pastor Scott

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